An Unconstrained Equity-Oriented hedge fund

with a focus on Absolute Return that reflects the entrepreneurial passion and vision of its leadership team. Our singular focus on generating stellar absolute returns has produced a 20%+ compounded net (after fees) annualized return* over the past decade. The methodology is concentrated in high conviction companies with superior economics and large intrinsic value discounts resulting in reliable, repeatable, verifiable and superior performance.


Competitive Edge / Benefit To Investors

In-depth Knowledge of Equity Investments / Capital Maximization through Concentration

Focus on “Resilient” Companies / Confidence in Investment Approach

Long-term Investment Horizon / Potential Benefits for Taxable Investors

Multiple Asset Classes, Sectors & Securities / Enhanced Returns and Lower Risk

Identifying Secular Economic and Market Shifts / Dynamically Exploit Confirmed Change 

Relentless Evolution and Embrace of Change / Staying “Ahead of Curve” for Stellar Absolute Returns


Multiply capital over the long term to enable our investors to realize the full potential of their assets. The creative application of a disciplined, low risk, holistic absolute return approach is the best way to multiply capital for our investors. We invest across all market segments taking concentrated positions in high-conviction opportunities.

Investment Approach

Assessing businesses with superior economics, the risks associated with owning them and translating this understanding into identifying mispriced equity securities is the cornerstone of our absolute return investing philosophy. Utilizing a more holistic and differentiated overlay comprising volatility (futures & options) strategies, non-traditional (special situations, alternative credit, arbitrage) investments and conservative leverage and liquidity rebalancing further enriches our process and leads to dramatic results over time.

Risk Management

Risk management at the individual security level is “knowing what we own and why we own it” and is assessed at two dimensions: intrinsic value risk and price risk. At the portfolio level, risk management encompasses a holistic view of the risks associated with any position, and, collectively, of all positions in the portfolio as well as risk control using volatility (futures & options) strategies and disciplined leverage and liquidity rebalancing.