Revolution through relentless evolution.


A hedge fund that reflects the entrepreneurial passion and vision of its leadership team.

We nurture a startup mindset, think big and play to win. Intellectual curiosity, humility and outstanding performance guide us. We exist for our investors and pursue excellence on their behalf.


Conventional industry practices and wisdom do not “ring the bell” amid rapid change.

Benchmarking is outdated. We shun silos. We use non-traditional, opportunistic strategies to hedge risk that drive returns. We acknowledge what we do not know and reject emotional decision-making.


Capital maximization through the creative application of a disciplined, risk-controlled and holistic investment approach.

Our path reimagines the prevailing investment industry paradigm. Our commitment to meeting our return objectives leads to investing across all segments of the markets. Managing risk while taking concentrated positions in high-conviction opportunities delivers the best long-term investment results.


An outstanding track record in a class of its own.

We focus on absolute return and wealth maximization.
Our proof statement is a 20%+ compounded net (after fees) annualized return* over the past decade.
We possess an ethos of relentless evolution and embrace change to seize opportunities.